We build web-based software applications that are custom tailored for each client.

We work closely with our clients to understand their businesses, and develop an idea into a live, functioning software on the web.

Developing an online product from scratch is difficult. At rykorp, we’ve had over a decade of experience in taking an idea from its inception to its completion on-time and on-budget.

Today, software development processes have matured into repeatable, proven models. These nimble development models give projects an opportunity to continuously accept feedback throughout the development cycle. Ideas are rarely concrete: why should your project be? As your idea morphs, our development model will easily adjust the project with course corrections.

We have a very talented and diverse team, which is strategically distributed across geographic regions, which means your project is moving forward 24 hours a day. The sun never sets on your project - at every hour of the day, rykorp is working for you.

Featured Works

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    Carolina Capital Markets provides a bevy of services to money managers looking to trade in the secondary fixed-income markets. To support its trading desk, they have developed a world-class platform of proprietary database of corporate, agency, and asset-backed bonds. rykorp was brought in to cloud-enable this enabling with the bond calculator offering. This bond calculator not only provided clients with real-time access to CCM's bond database, it provided financial libraries to calculate yields against Treasury curves. As the product has grown in popularity amongst its clients, rykorp is now developing the next generation of fixed-income tools to support Carolina Capital Markets' product needs.

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    Tabulas is a highly popular social networking site in the Philippines with full journaling, photo and link sharing capabilities. It has reached over 200K members organically, and continues to be a product that is wildly loved by its loyal fanbase. rykorp conceptualized the product, designed and implemented the full product end-to-end.

    To date, rykorp continues to develop the featureset of Tabulas to provide its users with the best-of-breed blogging features.

  • screenshot aims to become the premier destination for mobile social objects like ringtones and wallpapers. rykorp underwent a competitive analysis of the existing players in the market, provided a project overview, and is currently undergoing the development of this product with an expected launch in April 2011.

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    New Mind Education assists Chinese international students in being placed at US universities. rykorp has been working on the digital aspects of their business - providing tools to bridge the gaps between their China-based sales team and the US-based operations team.